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The full trailer for the new Christian Bale film HOSTILES was just released. I’m a sucker for a good western – a genre that isn’t really getting a lot of good play lately. In fact, the last, good western was the excellent remake of 3:10 to Yuma ten years ago, which coincidentally also starred Christian Bale. This one looks really good, and I’m intrigued to see if the discussion of faith goes anywhere.


I, TONYA Trailer


The first trailer for the Tonya Harding biopic, I, Tonya, dropped last week. I barely remember this scandal, but it was one of those moments that one never really forgets. This film looks peculiar, like it was done in the style of a black comedy. Margo Robbie seems to be bringing her A-game to this role. Looks intriguing.

THE POST Trailer


The trailer for Steven Spielberg’s next film, The Post, was just released. The film looks good – just the type of historical drama I enjoy. However, I fear that this film’s narrative will be positioned as a comparison with today’s media – as if the biased press of the present has any of the credibility or integrity of the journalists of the past.

THE CROWN Season 2 Trailer


My wife and I enjoy The Crown on Netflix – a lot. It’s expertly made and wonderfully acted. I never thought that a historical drama about the British Royal Family would grip me as much as this show has.

And now, a new season starts next month and Netflix has released a trailer. Judging by the way this trailer is presented, the next chapter in this family’s saga will hopefully be even more intriguing than the first.