Reviewing the Classics – SLEEPING BEAUTY

410d4736de866b4214937bdcd45e54b9Animation has often been described as “the illusion of life” – a trick of the eye that seemingly gives sentience to a series of drawings (or computer data in later years). As the art form has evolved over a century, the illusion aspect has enabled animators to break the bonds of earthbound logic and truly conceive whatever their minds can imagine.

Such was the case with Walt Disney’s 16th animated feature, Sleeping Beauty. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, this film remains a timeless classic in the Disney canon. But it’s also an important film to the animation art form – helping take the medium into the next phase of its existence with a bold, pioneering design coupled with fluid, believable animation. Its artistry, craftsmanship, and storytelling have yet to be rivaled by anything that has been released since – Disney or otherwise.

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Top 10 of 2018

top 10

2018 was one of the most difficult years to formulate a top ten – not because there weren’t any good movies. There were too many good movies. Most of the films that came out last year were enjoyable to one degree or another. I’ve managed to get my list down, but as I see more films from 2018, it may change many times over.

The same holds true for a bottom five. Partially, it’s because I don’t like spending my limited movie budget on films I know I’m not going to like. But it’s also because there were a lot of good movies that I found something enjoyable in even my lowest-rated films.

So here are both my bottom five and top ten of 2018.

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