ralph_breaks_the_internet_wreckit_ralph_two_ver4_xlgWhen it was released in 2012, Wreck-It Ralph was a revelation. It seemed that Walt Disney Animation Studios had entered into a new renaissance of quality animated films (with the exception being Frozen). Wreck-It Ralph was fun, clever, had a heaping amount of logic in its world-building, and contained some very important themes about life and purpose.

Its sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, has failed at almost every aspect of what made the first film great.

Funny and clever only sporadically, Ralph Breaks the Internet sucks the heartful soul and sound internal logic from the original film while galavanting in a bright, shiny world of non-stop pop-culture gags and one-note jokes. Bringing in modern cynicism and politics didn’t help this film, either. This is very sad for me to report, as I am a big fan of Disney animation and loved the first film.

But despite all of its flaws and leaps in logic, Ralph Breaks the Internet did touch on another deep point about the nature of life and humanity. I just wish it was in a better movie.


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Blu-ray Buyer’s Guide: November 6


While this Tuesday is Election Day in the United States, it’s also a new Blu-ray Tuesday! Sick of all the election news? Treat yourself to a couple of great home releases. This week, a superhero family and a silly old bear come to Blu-ray. And there’s an excellent release that happened last week, but I’m including this week.

Here are my picks for November 6, 2018.

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