A SIMPLE FAVOR – The Devil in a Dress

ASF PosterLet me start by saying that I’m not a big fan of director Paul Feig. The films of his I have seen have come off as funny in parts but are more often derivative, overly crass, lazy, and in the case of his 2016 reboot/remake/whatever of Ghostbusters, stupid and downright insulting. So my hopes going into A Simple Favor were not high.

However, Feig did something I wasn’t expecting with this film. He actually surprised me…and for that I applaud him. A Simple Favor is an intriguing mystery that keeps the viewer engulfed in the story until the very last scene. I liked it quite a bit. It isn’t the best movie of the year, but it was entertaining and worth my time.

Like all good stories, A Simple Favor reveals much about the nature of humanity. The characters grapple with temptation and the consequences of their questionable actions. The temptation to do wrong is something to which we all can relate Рespecially because it is driven by our eternal adversary.


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