Peanuts, Franklin, and Sincere Diversity


Fifty years ago, Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz introduced the character Franklin into his now-iconic comic strip. This was a significant moment in Peanuts history, as the strip had never had a black character before. Since that first appearance, Franklin became a regular member of Charlie Brown’s circle of friends – an acute and hilarious observer of the rest of the gang’s many foibles and idiosyncrasies, while also having some of his own. He would also be featured in most of the Peanuts animated television specials and films (up to and including The Peanuts Movie in 2015).

The story of just how Franklin became a part of Peanuts is really amazing in its own humble way. Like the Peanuts strip itself, it’s a story that is simple but so profound. And we today can learn a lot from how Charles Schulz integrated the character into the cast.

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