Blu-ray Buyer’s Guide: September 26

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Michael Bay’s latest CGI Transformers spectacle is out on Blu-ray this week, and it sadly is the only release worth blogging about. Which version should you get…if you’re even getting it? Find out below.

Here’s my pick for September 26, 2017.

155456_frontTransformers: The Last Knight
Paramount Pictures
Written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Ken Nolan
Based on a story by Akiva Goldsman, Marcum, Holloway and Nolan
and the Transformers Action Figures by Hasbro
Directed by Michael Bay

The Transformers film series is quite a lot for people to swallow. The first film is a fun popcorn movie with sincerely beautiful moments of awe and wonder. The lead human characters are funny and, at times, endearing. And the action sequences are among Bay’s most intense and fun.

The sequels are another story. I must admit that, as flawed as the films are, I do have a mild appreciation for the Transformers sequels. I compare them to a roller coaster – things built to simply thrill, wow, and take people for a ride. But with each film, the thrills become lessened.

The Last Knight is the latest severely dulled sequel, but it’s not the worst. It’s everything the previous Transformers films have been: loud, thrilling and explosive. But it lacked the first three films’ emotional core (yes, they had one). Though it’s a disappointment, The Last Knight does have some interesting set pieces and thematic insights. That and I’m a completist when it comes to most film series I enjoy.

To find out more about Transformers: The Last Knight, click here for my review.


Best Buy: SteelBook


Target: Blu-ray bonus disc


Walmart: Die-cast metal cars

My Pick: Target is more than meets the eye this week. More bonus material is always more valuable to me. And a tangible bonus disc is the best kind of bonus bonus material.

Happy Watching! 

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