Blu-ray Buyer’s Guide: September 19


The Princess of Themyscira comes to Blu-ray this week in mighty multi-release. Which one should you get? Find out below.

Here is my pick for September 19, 2017.

136854_frontWonder Woman
Warner Bros.
Written by Allan Heinberg
Based on a story by Zack Snyder, Allan Heinberg, and Jason Fuchs
and characters appearing in DC Comics
Directed by Patty Jenkins

Both critics and audiences raved about Wonder Woman, the newest film in the DC Extended Universe, as a revelation and a transcendental piece of filmmaking poised to usher in a new era in cinema. I think these reactions are a bit inflated. That is not to say the film isn’t without merit or worthy of praise. Wonder Woman is a good movie with great moments. It’s fun, charming, and full of exciting action. Gal Gadot makes for a good heroine, even though I think she needs a few more acting lessons.

Wonder Woman reminded me of a DC era gone by – the Christopher Reeve / Michael Keaton days – when the films weren’t as solemn and dark. There are times I think it’s the best DCEU film. But then there are times when I still think Man of Steel was better; I can’t really decide.

For a more extensive look at Wonder Woman, click here for my full review.


Amazon: Collectable figure

Best Buy: SteelBooks and collector cards (4K and 3D only)


Target: Exclusive book excerpt and lenticular packaging


Walmart: Wearable tiara and bonus scene

My Pick: Walmart takes the crown (or tiara) this week…and not because of said headgear. The Walmart edition is the only version with any bonus material of any kind (at least that’s what the packaging advertises – we’ll see what it actually contains). And I always prefer bonus material over anything. The fact that Walmart is offering free shipping is just icing on the cake.

My wife can have the tiara if she wants. It suits her. After all, she’s my Wonder Woman.

Happy Watching!

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