Blu-ray Buyer’s Guide: July 11


There’s only one notable new release this week, and it’s a good one. Not a smart movie, but just loads of fun. Buckle up for another supercharged edition of Blu-ray Buyer’s Guide!

Here’s my pick for July 11, 2017.

170135_frontThe Fate of the Furious
Written by Chris Morgan
Based on characters created by Gary Scott Thompson
Directed by F. Gary Gray

The Fast and the Furious franchise has only got better with age. After three mediocre films at the beginning, it gained traction with the fourth and fifth films, particularly the latter. Fast Five embraced its ridiculous premise and ran with it – creating some amazing stunts with a smattering of necessary characterization.

The Fate of the Furious is a worthy addition in this franchise, but it’s not the best (that title still belongs to Fast Five, in my opinion).  It’s somewhere in the middle. Director F. Gary Gray, a newcomer to the Fast and Furious films, maintains the energy and action for which the series is known. But this is one of the few films that made me tilt my head when it came to the story – partially based on what is known of the characters in previous films.

If you’d like to know more about what I thought about The Fate of the Furious, check out my full review.

177793_frontBest Buy: SteelBook

179791_frontTarget: Exclusive cinch-sack and bonus content

182045_frontWalmart: Exclusive packaging and bonus content

My Pick: This was a tough one. Both Target and Walmart piqued my interest because they are claiming to have exclusive bonus footage. I wish both these retailers would list specifically what the content is, so I can have a more informed choice. So frustrating.

I’m probably going to go with Walmart. At least they actually list how much content you’re getting. Besides, I really don’t have any use for a cinch-sack which, based on my experience with movie-based swag like that, isn’t sturdy or useful.

Happy Watching!



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