MOANA – God Knows the Way

moana-posterSo a reluctant princess, a haughty demigod and a brain-dead chicken go on a journey filled with adventure, heart and lots of genuine laughs. It sounds interesting at face value, and this is the plot that drives Disney’s latest animated feature, Moana.

Directed by Disney Animation vets John Musker and Ron Clements, Moana is a love letter to the natural beauty and exotic cultures of the South Pacific – filled with, amazing visuals, great songs and stunning animation.

Just as rich and beautiful as the setting and design are the thematic underpinnings that drive the narrative of Moana. It’s a very spiritual world full of godlike creatures, and the themes have much to say¬†about the nature of the one, true God.

We know the way…SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Blu-ray Buyer’s Guide: December 6


This week only had one new multi-release worth noting, along with one regular release. Both are among the best movies I’ve seen all year and are definitely worth picking up, or at least renting if you haven’t seen them yet.

Here are my picks for December 6, 2016.

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