John Wayne’s America


July 4 is both a day to celebrate and reflect. The fireworks displays are always amazing, and the barbecues are good ways to fellowship with people and enjoy some awesome food. But I also pause on July 4 to remember the sacrifices of those men in Philadelphia in 1776. Most of us will never realize just how much those men put on the line for their freedom – risking everything for a dream, and relying on the providence of God to see them through it.

This is a great country. America is a a miracle – an anomaly in a world besieged by dictators, plutocracies, kings and tyrants. Today more than ever, Americans need to be reminded of the greatness of their land.


My recent review of The Searchers caused me to think of a simple piece of patriotic audio. In the 1970s, John Wayne – one of the biggest icons of American culture – recited a simple poem that reflects both the physical beauty and the ideological courage that makes America what it is.

Happy Independence Day, and God bless America.


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