TOMORROWLAND – Hope in the Future?

I had a lot of hope in Tomorrowland. It had a lot going for it. I enjoyed the possibility of the concept through the trailers I saw and the entire marketing campaign. The futuristic cityscapes presented were astoundingly detailed. I am also a huge fan of director Brad Bird. Being also a fan of the Disney Theme Parks, I also hoped that these concepts would be transferred to the real-life Tomorrowlands at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and beyond.

However, the end result is a mixed bag. I must say that I enjoyed the different aspects of it, but when they all came together, it was mixture that was difficult to swallow at times. I definitely enjoyed the film, but felt cheated at the end. I was only given a glimpse at this wonderful world of the future and it was only a small part of the movie – one that wasn’t very well explained. It’s a movie so obsessed with the journey that the destination seems anticlimactic.

It’s a fun film, but I wanted more, and not in a good way. I suppose I was fascinated more with the idea of Tomorrowland than the finished product.

Despite its grab bag status, Tomorrowland offers very rich thematic ideas about (you guessed it) the future and what’s in store for the world. This film is very spiritual in its premise, but humanistic in its conclusions. In the end, the film is about hope…but what should we put our hope in?

You wanted to see Tomorrowland…here it comes! SPOILERS AHEAD!

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