From My Wife’s Shelf

When my lovely wife and I got married in November 2013, we both knew our lives would change. We were now one, as described in Scripture, and would share everything for the rest of our lives.

One of the things that we have in common is we both really like movies and TV, and we both own a lot of movies. A lot.

We own many of the same films, but there are some that are very different from each other. For each Citizen Kane, there is a The Devil Wears Prada. Many of the movies she has I hadn’t seen, most likely because I had not heard of them or I wasn’t interested. Mind you, her selections are not just relegated to rom-coms and chick flicks (though there are many). There are some very classic films in her collection which I have still not seen (she has a thing for Cary Grant).

In an effort to get to know my wife a little bit more (which is always a good thing), I’m going to start watching all of the movies she has brought into our home. Though I have my preconceived notions about certain films, I will hold my judgement until the end credits.

These reviews will be shorter that my usual in-depth look at a film – just quick points about what I liked and didn’t like. If I feel that the themes expressed in the film warrant a more detailed look, I will do that as well.

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