THE GIVER – The Lie of Utopia

The Giver is a faithful adaptation of the original book, almost to a fault, with some extra exciting sci-fi elements thrown in to keep things moving. It is a fascinating story, one that is more philosophical than narrative.

Where I grew up, The Giver was required reading in my middle school years (a fact which I continue to find utterly ironic, given that the public school system is a veritable breeding ground for conformity), so I was somewhat familiar with the story. I remember being bored and disappointed with it (I’m not much of a reader anyway). And when I saw the movie, I remembered why the book left me¬†that way, though I definitely wasn’t bored with the movie.

Both the book and the film have deep philosophic and spiritual underpinnings. It is a sobering lesson of the evil and lie that so many today are attempting to propagate – that there can indeed be utopia on earth, never mind the inherent sinful nature of man. If suppression and coercion are the only ways to get people to conform, then how noble of a prospect is this utopia?

The Community awaits… SPOILER ALERT!

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